Welcome to the North Norwegian Students’ Dorm – Between Oslo City Centre and the Oslo Countryside!

We receive applications for available dormitory accommodation all year round. Give us a call for more info or send in an application.

Welcome to the NNSE.


The North Norwegian Students’ Dorm (NNSE), also known as "Nordnorsken", is a different and very comfortable student accommodation complex centrally located in Oslo, at the Ullevål Stadium. It’s a short walk to the bus and the metro, as well as the countryside. You’ve got endless hiking opportunities just around the corner and to the city centre it takes less than ten minutes by public transport. The building houses 149 accommodation units of varying sizes. As the name suggests, this is student accommodation primarily intended for students the three northernmost counties in Norway. If you are from another part of the world – even southern Norway – you’re still very welcome to apply for a dorm here!.

A Little History

The North Norwegian Students’ Dorm was built in 1960 and financed by the Nordlændingernes Forening (Northern Counties’ Association) and 42 northern Norwegian municipalities and which then bought allocation rights for students from their regions. The idea behind the student home was, since the post-war housing market was challenging, to secure accommodation for northern Norwegian students whilst studying in Oslo. On top of that, parts of northern Norway had been bombed out and needed rebuilding. The founder, Nanna With, was a member of the Nasjonalhjelpens (National Assistance) Finnmark Committee and in 1945 she and her committed team of helpers began the task of establishing dormitory accommodation in Oslo for students from the north where they could live reasonably while they studied. 15 years later “Nordnorsken” was ready for occupation!


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