Oslo's Most Comfortable Hall of Residence with Northern Norwegian Culture, Charm and Environment.


Oslo's Most Comfortable Hall of Residence with Northern Norwegian Culture, Charm and Environment.

The North Norwegian Students’ Dorm is centrally located immediately above the Ullevål Stadium and close to Berg station.  It’s just 9 minutes into the centre of Oslo on the Metro and 5 out to the open air at Sognsvann and Nordmarka. You’ll find a Bank, in-store Postal facilities, Pharmacy, Sports store, Bookstore and Food store +++ in the immediate vicinity, just a few minutes walk away in the Tåsen Centre and the shopping mall at Ullevål Stadium.

Students at schools or in higher education as well as teachers are heartily welcome here! The owner of the Dorm is a foundation – all the profits are ploughed straight back into the property. Our rental rates are reasonable, but with an old, traditional house like ours, there’s always a need for maintenance.

There are 149 rental units in the Dorm – divided into three blocks. You can apply for one of these throughout the year, but the main intake and move-in takes place every year on the 15th of August.

Every would-be resident needs to make application each year. The application deadline for a municipal grant is the 20th of June every year.

You can fill in an application form here, or contact a municipality that has an allocation entitlement.


Basically, accommodation at the Dorm is available for people studying in Oslo with an address in northern Norway. When there is free capacity, the warmth of northern Norway’s heart shines through, and students with other geographical backgrounds can also apply.

Common rooms

The residents of NNSE have access to all facilities such as common rooms with TV, laundry rooms and the kitchen.

Common rooms
There are 2 large living rooms with TV equipped with channel packages from Canaldigital and VIASAT, plus a living room with pool table.

Laundry facilities
There is a laundry room with 5 washing machines and 5 dryers. There is a clothes rack in the garden and drying rooms in the corridors.
Currently, use of the laundry is free, but we may install payment terminals on washing machines in the not-too-distant future.

Kitchen facilities
The Dorm has 4 large kitchens, and some of the units have their own kitchen.

WCs / showers
There are two WCs and two showers on each corridor.

Study rooms
We have 4 private study rooms with WIFI connection.


Give us a call today on 47 22233451 !

The office is open Monday–Friday, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm


John Colletts allè 10
0870 Oslo 


+47 22233451