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The North Norwegian Students’ Dorm is centrally located immediately above the Ullevål Stadium and close to Berg station. It’s just 9 minutes into the centre of Oslo on the Metro and 5 out to the open air at Sognsvann and Nordmarka. You’ll find a Bank, in-store Postal facilities, Pharmacy, Sports store, Bookstore and Food store +++ in the immediate vicinity, just a few minutes walk away in the Tåsen Centre and the shopping mall at Ullevål Stadium.

Students at schools or in higher education as well as teachers are heartily welcome here! The owner of the Dorm is a foundation – all the profits are ploughed straight back into the property. Our rental rates are reasonable, but with an old, traditional house like ours, there’s always a need for maintenance.

There are 149 rental units in the Dorm – divided into three blocks: A, B and C. You can apply for one of these throughout the year, but the main intake and move-in takes place every year on the 15th of August.

Every would-be resident needs to make application each year. The application deadline for the main intake is the 20th of June each year.

You can fill in an application form here, or contact a municipality that has an allocation entitlement.


Basically, accommodation at the Dorm is available for people studying in Oslo with an address in northern Norway. When there is free capacity, the warmth of northern Norway’s heart shines through, and students with other geographical backgrounds can also apply.

Good ventilation – Excellent indoor climate

Understand that this is an old charming building, and it has its limitations. The rooms have no mechanical ventilation systems. For this reason, windows need to be used for ventilation in order to maintain a good indoor climate and avoid high humidity in the room. According to the laws of physics and chemistry, a lack of ventilation can cause mould. Drying clothes in the room is not allowed. If you need to dry your clothes, then you should use the dryer in the laundry, the drying room in the corridor or the clothes rack outside.


The accommodation units

We have 149 units of varying sizes. Most of these are smaller at around 12 m². Together with these, there are some double rooms and apartments up to 65m2. Rentals of these will be made at the discretion of the administrator. Here, both duration of residence and social circumstances can be significant.

The dormitories are rented out essentially unfurnished. A few have daybeds, desks and chairs but these are showing their age somewhat – almost antique, in fact. In order to conform with hygiene requirements, the house will no longer supply mattresses, so these must be provided by the individual. Daybed dimensions: 75 x 195 (200) cm. The furniture we have may be collected and taken up to the room from the store by agreement with the administration. This assumes, of course, that there is furniture available.

Schedule moving in with buying a bed for your first night at the Dorm, or bring a sleeping bag and a pad to lie on.

The rooms have sinks and wardrobes.

Use of our standard internet system is included in the rent– this means that you can surf 24 hours a day. You’ll need a cable for direct connection to a PC or Mac, or to plug your own router into the outlet in the room. Data transfer rate is 250/250 Mbps, but this can be increased to 500/500 Mbps for a monthly fee of NOK 149 by contacting our fibre network supplier LYNET Internet AS on +47 2199 3366
Electricity is included in the rental (some larger units have their own subscription). Currently, use of the laundry is free, but this may changed.

There are also some extra storage facilities, in addition to the room, but these are minimal and in a locked storeroom. Use of this facility is at your own risk and by further agreement with the house.

There are shower rooms and toilets on each corridor.

We have 4 large kitchens and one smaller one to serve most of the residents, i.e. up to 45 users. That’s why it’s also very important to maintain good hygiene. These areas are thoroughly cleaned 7 times a week by a cleaning firm + one light clean each afternoon. Nonetheless, we also expect our residents to clean up properly after themselves.

The toilets and showers are thoroughly washed down daily on weekdays, with checking at the weekend and cleaning if needed.

If residents fail to maintain good hygiene standards and clean up after themselves in the kitchens, showers, toilets and common areas, the Dorm will impose an extra service fee of at least NOK 100 per month to cover costs of increased cleaning for all those residents using relevant areas until extra cleaning is no longer required.

THERE IS NO TV SIGNAL IN THE ROOMS. If this is something you require, you will need to organise a decoder box yourself. TVs with many, many, many channels are installed in the common rooms.

There are WiFi zones in the common and study rooms.

Common rooms, Laundry rooms, Kitchens, Study rooms

Give us a call today on +47 22233451!

The office is open Monday–Friday, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm


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